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CISC is a Canadian based corporation headquartered in Toronto and with offices in Saint Lucia and Bahrain. Our mandate is the best investment you can make is in yourself and your family.

CISC is composed of a highly experienced team of global investment professionals, immigration lawyers and relocation specialists. Whatever investment you make, we will guarantee the highest return on your investment whether for obtaining a second passport or real estate investment for tax relief or other. Our clients are both individuals and major corporates with offices globally. Our turnkey solutions mean each case is individually managed by a dedicated team and always prioritised. Efficiency and expediency are what distinguishes CISC from our competitors.

The popularity of acquiring second citizenship has grown significantly in recent years and has become one of the main goals for entrepreneurs and many families in the world due to its multiple benefits and advantages. These include visa-free travelling, better tax management, business growth in new locations, safety from political or social conflicts, or simply the search for a better lifestyle.

Canada is currently ranked one of the best countries in the world to reside. Both education (KG – G12) and medical are free. Canada has some of the best universities in the world offering students the highest quality of education. Further, Canada is currently experiencing a real estate boom and clients can apply for entry and permanent resident status to Canada through several different investment programs dependent on which province you select. All programs provide entitlement to Canadian citizenship and a Canadian passport.

The Canadian advantage

There are many reasons why Canada is the best place to build your business:

  • Strong economic growth: Forbes magazine rates Canada as the best country in the G-20 with which to do business. Canada has the strongest fiscal position in the G-7 and among the best fiscal prospects in the G-20.
  • Low taxes and low business costs: Canada offers a low-cost and low-tax environment, so your business can thrive. Canada’s overall tax rate on new business investment is significantly lower than that of other G-7 countries. KPMG ranks Canada as the most tax competitive country in the G-7.
  • Excellence in research and innovation: Canada offers a winning environment for research and innovation, including world-leading research and development (R&D) infrastructure, scientific talent and innovation incentives. Combined federal and provincial credits can return to foreign investors, on average, up to 30% of their R&D investment in Canada.
  • Top quality of life: Canada’s top quality of life provides a great backdrop for the success of individuals, families and globally engaged companies. According to the World Bank, in 2011 Canadians enjoyed nearly the highest standard of living in the G-20. Canada is home to a highly educated, flexible and multicultural workforce.


The Canadian Immigration Investment Programs vary depending on the province you select. An investment as small as C$75,000 will gain you entry to certain provinces in Canada. The maximum amount for immigration by investment to Canada is C$1.5m. The entire process can be complete in six months or less. All candidates applying under the Immigration by Investment Programs are automatically permanent residents of Canada and are eligible for Canadian citizenship after approximately two and a half to three years’ time.

The most attractive provinces for Investor Immigrants are Ontario, Quebec and British Columbia. Investors are able to apply either through investing in real estate or established businesses or by starting their own business under several different Entrepreneur Business Start-Up Programs.

Ontario Entrepreneur Stream

The Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program’s (OINP) Entrepreneur Stream helps individuals from countries outside of Canada to implement a new business idea or buy an existing business in Ontario. It also offers entrepreneurs the opportunity to be nominated for Permanent Resident status once their business has been successfully established in Ontario, which will lead to obtaining Canadian citizenship.

You may be eligible for this program if you have a viable business activity that will bring significant economic benefit to Ontario. If approved, you and your business partner (if applicable) may apply for a temporary work permit in order to establish your business. Once your business has been successfully established, you and your business partner (if applicable) may be eligible for nomination by the OINP.

You must meet all eligibility criteria in order to apply to the Entrepreneur Stream. If you are applying with a business partner, your business partner must also meet the eligibility criteria.

To be eligible, you and your business partner must meet five factors.


  • At least three years of full-time business experience in the last five years.
  • Your experience must be as a business owner OR as a senior manager (business management).

Net worth

  • If your proposed business will be located within the Greater Toronto Area (GTA – includes the City of Toronto, Durham, Halton, York and Peel regions), you must have a minimum net worth of C$1,5m.
  • If your proposed business will be located outside of the GTA, you must have a minimum net worth of C$800,000. Proposed business will be in the ICT/Digital Communications sector (regardless of your proposed business location), you must have a minimum net worth of C$500,000.

Personal investment funds

  • If your proposed business will be located within the GTA, you must make a minimum personal investment of C$1m and have a minimum equity ownership of 33.3%.
  • If your proposed business will be located outside of the GTA, you must make a minimum personal investment of C$500,000 and have a minimum equity ownership of 33.3%.
  • If your proposed business will be in the ICT/Digital Communications sector (regardless of where you set up the business), you must make a minimum personal investment of $500,000 CDN and have a minimum equity ownership of 33.3%.

Job creation

  • You must create at least two permanent full-time jobs for Canadian citizens/permanent residents.

Business-related visit

  • If you plan to purchase an existing business, you must make at least one business-related visit to Ontario in the last year prior to the date you submitted your EOI.

You must meet the minimum requirements for all of these factors to be eligible to apply for the Entrepreneur Stream. If you are applying with a business partner who is also seeking nomination, your partner must also meet all the minimum requirements for each factor.

Ontario Corporate Stream

The Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program’s Corporate Stream helps and supports established international corporations looking to expand into Ontario by investing or buying an existing business. Once the business has been successfully established and meets the obligations of a Performance Agreement, a maximum of five key staff that are essential to the establishment, continued operation, and success of the business can become eligible for nomination for permanent resident status.

This program entitles the investor to be a permanent resident in Canada leading to Canadian citizenship.

Quebec Immigrant Investor Program (QIIP)

Investor Immigration Canada eligibility

Minimum net worth

In order to be admitted into the Quebec Investor Program 2018, foreign investors must have a legally obtained minimum net worth of C$1.6m (or its equivalent in a foreign currency), either individually or combined with their spouse or partner. Assets that may be included when calculating net worth include real estate, bank accounts, stocks and bonds, as well as pension funds. Under the Quebec program for investors, inherited assets are classified as legally obtained, however, donation or inheritance money must have been received at least six months prior to launching a QIIP application. As of October 2018, C$1.6m is equivalent to approximately US$1.3m or €1.1m.

Risk-free investment

Applicants for Canada investor immigration must sign an agreement stating their intention to make a government guaranteed C$800,000 investment in Quebec through a financial intermediary authorised to participate in the QIIP. This prescribed investment in a five-year term note is fully and unconditionally guaranteed by the Government of Quebec, and in accordance with the provisions of the program, the money is returned in full after five years with 0% interest. Please note: this passive investment does not have to be made until after an applicant is approved in principle for investor immigration to Quebec, so there is no risk of making the investment only to be later refused a Canada investor visa.

Financing solution

Over the last decade, a significant percentage of the Quebec and Canada Immigrant Investor Program participants have financed their investment in the country. Investors who do not wish to liquidate assets in order to come up with the required C$800,000 can finance the investment through an authorised Canadian financial intermediary for a one-time loan payment of C$220,000 which includes all interest and fees.

This means that as of January 2018, the “true cost” of obtaining a Canada investor visa is only around US$175,000 and which entitles the investor to Permanent Resident status in Canada. Also, if the Investor remains in Canada for 1,095 days they will be eligible to apply for Canadian citizenship.

British Columbia Investor Programs

The BC Entrepreneur Program provides an opportunity for qualified individuals and families to move to the Canadian Province of British Columbia and operate their own small business. The program is part of the British Columbia Provincial Nominee Program (BCPNP) and is best suited for experienced business owners and managers who have the financial ability and knowledge to create or improve a Canadian business.

The program’s objective is to stimulate economic growth and create jobs in British Columbia. Immigrant entrepreneurs who are selected to participate in the program are given a two-year work permit. While that permit is in effect, an entrepreneur must actively manage his or her business for at least 18 months. Participants who successfully complete all BC business immigration requirements will become provincial nominees, making them and their family members eligible for expedited permanent residence in Canada and Canadian citizenship. It is expected, but not required, that provincial nominees will continue to operate their business while living in British Columbia.

BC Entrepreneur Program 2018

To participate in the British Columbia Investor Program, an entrepreneur must be able to invest at least C$200,000 in a new business or, in some instances, an existing business that the applicant plans to improve. The business must create at least one new job for a Canadian citizen or permanent resident. The registrant must live near the business and manage the business on a daily basis.


STEP 1 – CISC assessment for eligibility
STEP 2 – Application and document collection
STEP 3 – Application and document submission to the concerned province in Canada
STEP 4 – Receive approval – Permanent Resident status granted – Citizenship and issuing of Canada passport

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