CISC is a Canadian based corporation headquartered in Toronto and with offices in in St. Lucia and Bahrain. Our mandate is the best investment you can make is in yourself and your family.

CISC is composed of a highly experienced team of global investment professionals, immigration lawyers and relocation specialists. Whatever investment you make, we will guarantee the highest return on your investment whether for obtaining a second passport or real estate investment for tax relief or other. Our clients are both individuals and major corporates with offices globally. Our turnkey solutions mean each case is individually managed by a dedicated team and always prioritized. Efficiency and expediency are what distinguishes CISC from our competitors.

The advantages of having a second Passport and Citizenship

The popularity of acquiring Second Citizenship has grown significantly in recent years and has
become one of the main goals for entrepreneurs and many families in the world due to its multiple benefits and advantages.

The prices and conditions to be part of one of these programs vary considerably depending on the country that offers the citizenship. Here are some of the most important benefits of having a Second Passport and second citizenship.

Second passport for visa-free traveling:

This is one of the biggest reasons why people want to have a double citizenship or a second passport. When you get this document, travel options expand as you can have the possibility of legally entering more than 110 to 150 countries only with the passport.

Second passport for better tax management:

Another great advantage of a second citizenship is the significant reduction in your tax burden. Investors and businesses owners of the world buy a second citizenship to protect their goods and make it shelter for their finances, avoiding high tax collections for their earnings.

Second passport for business growth:

Dual citizenship gives entrepreneurs the opportunity to make their business grow, expand them internationally, or do business with new partners. There is also the benefit of being hired by local companies or partnering with them.

Second passport for protection in political or social conflicts:

Every year, political and social conflicts become very common throughout the world, oppressing their citizens and making them emigrate from their countries of origin. A person with a second passport or a second citizenship can be benefited with this protection offered by their new country.

Second passport for a better lifestyle:

Having a dual citizenship and living in another country helps the people to improve their lifestyle. Most of the citizenship by investment programs require investing in real estate or business. This is a benefit because you can buy a beautiful home and with that investment, get the second passport. You also have the possibility of vacationing in dream places any given time.

These are some of the most important benefits and advantages a person with a second passport and second citizenship can have and enjoy.



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